Want to know how much does TriLASTIN cost? The cost of the Trilastin SR stretch mark cream is undoubtedly an important factor for you to decide if you want to try this treatment.

Honestly, I completely understand the confusion you’re having to face at the moment. Just some 3 years ago I was in exactly the same position.

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The cost of any product or service we purchase has a major part to play in whether we buy it or not in the first place.

When it came to the Trilastin cost, I admit I was hesitant at first.

Back then, no one had heard anything about the Trilastin SR formula. There weren’t any reviews by experts or customers available for this cream at the time.

TriLASTIN-SR stretch mark creamIn fact, that’s why I decided to kick-start this platform in the first place. I try my best to help you avoid the same mistakes that I made while buying and using this cream.

One mistake in particular comes to mind – while I was looking for the best place to buy Trilastin SR, I overlooked some very basic factors.

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As luck would have it I chose a third-party vendor who was peddling fake creams. In the end, it ended up producing some really nasty rashes and burns which took 4 months to disappear.

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And another thing, for the $80 that a single tube of this formula sells for, we really don’t have any reason to complain.

Following are the costs for the different packages of the Trilastin SR stretch mark cream:

  • 1 tube – 1 Month Supply – $79.95 – A limited-time discount of $7.05.
  • 2 tubes – 2 Month Supply – $149.95 – Save $24.05 and complimentary free shipping.
  • 3 tubes – 3 Month Supply – $219.95 – Save $41.05 and get shipping completely free.

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I used this cream on my stretch marks for just a month and I began to notice some incredible changes in on my skin. Within 4 months, no one could tell that I had scars and tears all over my breasts, belly, and underarms.

If you’re still wondering whether you should go for any one of the Trilastin coupon code offers, you should know that everybody from dermatologists and skin care experts, to customers like you and me, have voted this formula to be the best and most effective depilatory remedy for the removal and prevention of stretch marks.

While the Trilastin cost may seem high for some of you, it really isn’t. This is the only solution that will actually work on your skin.