TriLASTIN Before And After Photos

Want to know whether TriLASTIN-SR Stretch Mark cream really works? I’ve personally picked out some of the most informative and reliable Trilastin before and after photos to help you understand whether TriLASTIN is a scam, or is it really an effective solution worth your money.

Trilastin before and after photos

I’ve had this problem for a lot of years now. In fact, I can honestly reveal the truth that I’ve kept to myself for far too long – I’ve had stretch marks since the age of 22, which means that I’ve had them for a good 13 years now.

If there’s anything I know about skin care then it is that these marks and aging are the two worst conditions to be subjected to. My marks were long, deep and quite prominent.

Since my divorce I have had been far too afraid to begin dating again simply because of these ugly scars. I honestly just did’t have the courage to let anybody else look at them.

TriLASTIN before and after photo

My friends had already given up on trying to get me hooked up with somebody. Hey, it was difficult, I was married when I was all of 22 years old! I was still a kid trying to figure out the big, bad world back then.

Turns out I was wrong about everything, including the man I gave up my law degree for. Some mistakes can’t be reversed, but after he left me I knew one thing – I needed to get back into the game.

Feeling sorry for myself was taking me nowhere. It was actually holding me back from providing the best I could for my daughter. In one final attempt to regain some of that lost glory, I called Gloria.

Gloria was this beautiful class mate of mine from law school. She had it all – a house, two daughters, a husband, and lots of money to hold it all together.

TriLASTIN-SR Before and After Photos

The reason I remembered her out of the blue was that we used to be best friends and we had planned to someday open up a law firm together. Of course now that isn’t even a possibility.

I had something else in mind. I needed my friend to help me get my life back in order, and she was the only person I felt right about asking. As always, when we met at our usual cafe and ordered some croissants, I couldn’t fathom how she still looked so attractive. We were the same age, yet she looked like life was at her feet, and I looked like a hag. There, I said it!

“You really need to do something about your looks darling. Women let go of themselves, but darling, your face looks like a car ran over it,” said my chirpy friend. I knew she was right about it. I had let myself go. Now that I think about it, I have no idea what I saw in that man. Ah well, it was time to move on.

My impromptu life-coach was the one who first mentioned TriLASTIN-SR to get rid of my stretch marks. I had heard about the cream on the Tyra Banks show, but I wasn’t really sure if this solution was a scam or not.

Trilastin SR before and after photos

But as only Gloria can do, she pushed me to order this cream. I of course took my own sweet time, but I do give her some credit for making me feel bad about myself. When things are that bad, it helps to be told that you are being an idiot by someone you know cares deeply about you.

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Since I’m here, it is safe to say that this cream from EC Research did wonders for me. It got rid of all my ugly scars and I have never seen them since. I have collected all a number of Trilastin before and after photos throughout this article to help you figure out for yourself whether this cream really works. It did for me, and if you ask me – it will for you to. Go ahead, give it a shot.